Frontier Business Solutions Limited is a managed services provider specializing in infrastructure technologies.

Mobile Banking & E-Commerce Platform

WIZZIT is a Mobile Banking Solution Provider that assists partner Financial Institutions & Service Providers in promoting Financial Inclusion.

WIZZIT provides a fully functional mobile banking & electronic commerce platform.

WIZZIT is an internet payment facility enabling individuals and organisations to make Electronic Funds Transfers and to pay salaries and creditors via the internet. It is designed to include single or multiple levels of approval for the payment process eliminate the risk of fraud.

WIZZIT provides a fully functional mobile banking & electronic commerce platform.

WIZZIT is an internet payment facility enabling individuals and organisations to make Electronic Funds Transfers and to pay salaries and creditors via the internet. It is designed to include single or multiple levels of approval for the payment process eliminate the risk of fraud.wizzit

  • Designed specifically for SME’s, service providers & individual entrepreneurs.
  • Convenient & cost-effective group & individual payments.
  • Full mobile banking functionality.
  • Real time WIZZIT to WIZZIT payments.
  • Free online Statements & Balance Checks.
  • Minimises administrative time, effort & error.
  • Suitable for salary payrolls, creditor payments & inter-personal cash transfers.
  • Simple, secure & safe to apply. No specialist know-how required.
  • Customised to each business unit’s unique requirements.
  • Informative reports & free statements.
  • Allows for multiple levels of approval prior to payment.
  • Payment files can be loaded 30 days in advance.
  • Facility to create & upload beneficiary files in either CSV or Word format.
  • iWIZZ can be accessed quickly & easily through any internet facility.
  • Detailed Payment Reports & Account Statements readily available.
  • Once-off payment facility.
  • Email and/or SMS payment confirmation.
  • Built-in Beneficiary Groups & Individual Beneficiary Files.
  • Fees: Statements are free of charge through iWIZZ.
Advantages of Cloud Platform

– Speed to market is increased.
– Systems should be able to be implemented and bank branding provided within an 8 week period.

Scarce IT resources are not impacted with WIZZIT taking care of the following:
– Infrastructure setup.
– Mobile Network connectivity.
– Third party solution provider integration.
– Daily monitoring and system management.
– Network monitoring and management.
– Bank/Post Office Integrations. (Firewall and network connectivity will need to be allowed by the FSP)

The WIZZIT MERCHANT PLATFORM manages the transaction processing and settlement to merchants. It enables the bank to introduce merchants to a network that can accept mobile phone payments and POS transactions. The WIZZIT Merchant Platform manages the transaction processing as well as settlement to merchants.

Typical transactions that can be supported (but not limited to):

  • Cash in (Deposits)
  • Cash out (Withdrawals)
  • Money transfer (Sending & Receiving)
  • Vending of prepaid vouchers
The WIZZIT Merchant Platform is a unique product that can support the extension of a branchless banking approach for a bank. It is ideally suited to roll-out a merchant strategy in the informal sector.

The WIZZIT Smart ESB is an Enterprise grade Service Bus designed specifically with financial institutions and service providers in mind.

The WIZZIT Smart ESB is a sophisticated connectivity and transaction management system that allows Banks and other Financial Service Providers to efficiently and quickly increase the functionality and reach of their Digital banking platform. The WIZZIT Smart ESB has been developed over the last 10 years utilizing WIZZIT’s extensive experience in Digital Banking. We found that Banks do not want to make changes to their core banking systems to accommodate new functionality; WIZZIT Smart ESB allows integration to new products and services within days rather than months.

The WIZZIT Cloud Hosted Solution gives our clients the ability to link into the proven WIZZIT Platform without the need for investment in infrastructure and IT support resources.

WIZZIT Cloud Hosted Solution is a secure cloud hosted environment with over 10 years of experience to provide the optimal solution to banks. It is Cloud Based but integrates securely into the bank’s system to allow for real time transaction processing and reconciliation. It is a distributed system with multiple redundant points in multiple countries providing a platform with no downtime. The platform is built on technology that allows for high concurrent transaction processing.

Fleet and Fuel Management

Advanced fleet telematics Geotab provides the world’s most sophisticated telematics hardware and software, built to provide reliable Big Data that is designed around success pillars to monitor, manage, and extract more value from fleet assets in the field. Geotab’s advanced fleet telematics is built on 5 pillars:

  • Detailed and Accurate Trip Recording
  • Trip and Activity Management
  • Real-time Tracking on Google Maps
  • Risk and Safety Reporting
  • In-vehicle Coaching in Real-time
  • Help Prevent Driving Accidents
  • Reinforce Company Safety Policies
Fleet Optimisation
  • Improve Fuel Efficiency
  • Fuel Consumption Tracking
  • Plan Trip Efficiently
  • Manage Vehicle Maintenance
  • Prevent Vehicle Wear and Tear
  • Reduce Fuel Costs
  • Driver Vehicle Inspection Reporting
  • Hours of Service
  • Business Integration
  • Garmin Integration
  • First and simplest way to expand in telematics – GEOTAB Marketplace.

Electronic Fuel Payments

The TouchPay Fuel Payments system is an electronic system to track fuel purchases for pre-registered customers.

  • The system is quickly and cost effectively implemented in forecourts or depots;
  • Fuel dispensing is electronically authorized with real-time pre-authorization of all transactions;
  • Fuel purchases are tracked electronically;
  • Online web access to all transactions;
  • Value added services;
  • Complete replacement of voucher systems;
  • Pre-registration of all authorised vehicles;
  • Pre-authorization for all transactions;
  • Irrefutable identification of vehicles;
  • Tracking of fuel dispensed;
  • Optional offline authorization of transactions that are uploaded at a later stage.
    • Touch screen;
    • A4/receipt printers;
    • Wi-Fi hotspot for Android tablet;
    • Internet connectivity for fuel transactions;
    • Payment of customer accounts;
    • Camera;
    • Bar code reader;
    • Keyboard/tracker ball;
    • Microphone/speaker;
    • Biometric reader;
    • Bank card terminal;
    • Electronic cash and coin acceptor;
    • Electronic cash and coin dispenser;
    • Accept payments, deposits, withdrawals, statements, money transfers, pre-paid purchases and much more.


Fuel Management System That Tracks The Following For Vehicles:

  • Identification of the vehicle when refueling, date, time, pump attendant doing the transaction
  • Authorization of the transaction based on business rules (Geotab will provide geolocation/geofencing of vehicle), tank capacity, fuel type, etc.
  • Pump activation and number of liters dispensed, fuel type, etc.
  • Distance travelled (Geotab)
  • Integration to external systems (e.g. banks, vehicle fleet management systems, etc.)
  • We integrate all the above data into the Geotab interface (i.e. to include the fuel management data into the current Geotab fleet tracking system)
  • Cashless Mobile Deliveries/Payments
  • Identification of the vehicle when refueling, date, time, pump attendant doing the transaction
  • We provide a paperless order/delivery system that runs on an Android tablet.
  • Geotab provides route planning, optimization and driver performance tracking
  • For deliveries, Geotab will ring fence the location to ensure it is within 50m of the delivery point.
  • The Android tablet will provide delivery notes, etc.
  • TouchPay will provide a card payment terminal that links to the Android tablet for card payments
  • TouchPay can also open Bank accounts and provide a card real-time for the merchant if they are unbanked.
  • TouchPay can also supply electronic cash acceptors that validate, count and deposit notes into a safe that can be mounted into the truck for cash payments
  • All transactions are online and real-time
  • All above payment and delivery information will be included in the existing Geotab system (e.g. where vehicle stopped, what goods were delivered, geo-location of payment, card used/cash received, amount, reconciliation, integration to Cash In Transit companies, etc.)

Cyber Security

We are a leading provider of market leading software and combined hardware and software products for IT security.

  • network security,
  • privileged account management,
  • data security
  • print security management,

We assist our clients to structure a robust cyber defense strategy. As such we represent CyberArk.

Solution Overview:

CyberArk DNA™ (DNA) is an innovative standalone discovery and audit tool that automatically scans an organization’s network, typically a complex, manual process, for the following:

  • Data related to privileged and non-privileged accounts
  • Embedded and Hard-coded application credentials
  • SSH key exposure
  • Potential credential theft risks, including Pass-the-Hash attacks, Pass-the-Ticket and Overpass-the-Hash

The easy-to-use scanner automatically discovers and analyzes any privileged and non-privileged account, and then generates a report and visual organizational maps that evaluate the privileged account security status in the organization.

For organizations struggling to gain an accurate picture of the state of privileged account and SSH Key management and compliance in their IT environment, CyberArk’s Discovery & Audit (CyberArk DNA™) is a standalone, easy to use tool that exposes the magnitude of the privileged account problem, often the root-cause of audit failures and advanced targeted attacks.

DNA leads the way to easy management, auditing and automation of processes around privileged accounts using CyberArk’s market-leading privileged account protection, accountability and intelligence solutions. DNA is the only tool on the market designed to identify an organization’s Pass-the-Hash vulnerabilities using patent-pending technology. DNA helps focus and pave the path toward mitigation using CyberArk’s solutions.

Solar Energy Solutions

We are a Managed Services solar energy solutions provider. Our holistic solution includes a team of international procurement experts, project managers, systems designers, installation engineers, and a maintenance team to manage on-going Service Level Agreements.

We provide:

  • Procurement of relevant solar power/energy equipment.
  • Analysis, design and sizing of relevant solar power systems.
  • Installation of all forms of solar power systems.
  • Maintenance service, repair of solar energy systems.
  • Provision of training programs for solar engineers.