Safic Ghana Limited provides Environmental Solutions and is a leading distributor of chemicals, equipment and water technology.

Environmental Solutions

Safic Ghana focuses on the blending and distribution of an extensive range of Biodegradable Cleaning Chemicals.

Our South African partner, Safic, is supplier of chemicals, equipment, consumables, water technology and a number of specialized product solutions and has been a manufacturer of chemicals since 1981. Safic is the first chemical company in South Africa to be certified as an ISO 9001, ISO 14001 and OHSAS 18001 organizations.

Safic’s joint venture with ION Exchange India provides all industry sectors with total water management – pre-treatment, process water/liquid treatment, waste water treatment, water recycling, and recovery of valuable by-products for re-use.

Our holistic approach addresses environmental concerns of customers by incorporating water conservation, pollution control, energy saving and reduced chemical consumption.

Our Product Range

Industrial Solutions
  • Saf Power Degreaser – Water based degreaser
  • Saf EA Autogen – Enviro-friendly general purpose cleaner
Electrical Maintenance

Products specifically formulated for safe use in electrical maintenance

  • Saf Dem – Anti-corrosion treatment
Specialised Cleaning & Maintenance

Workshop focused range of products both for general cleaning and specialised cleaning and maintenance

  • Saf Heavy Duty Hand Cleaner
  • Saf Met – Rust remover and cleaner
Commercial Solutions
  • Saf Blue – Perfumed disinfectant cleaner
  • Saf Bowl – Anti-bacterial toilet bowl/urinal cleaner
Food & Beverage Solutions
  • Saf Fatsolve – Heavy duty anti-bacterial surface cleaner
  • Saf Kleen – Anti-bacterial all-purpose cleaner
  • Saf EA Care Hand – Anti-bacterial hand soap
  • Saf EA Sanipure – Antiseptic hand sterilizer
  • Saf Hand Sanitiser (QAC Free)
Metal Treatment
Environmental Solutions
Water Solutions
  • These products are specifically developed for water treatment applications and compliment the full range from ION Exchange Safic.