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Black Star Africa is a private investment holding company which provides capital for its subsidiaries involved in scalable impact ventures in Africa. Using a parsimonious approach, capital is allocated to address some of Africa’s deepest challenges in the area of water management and the environment, financial inclusion, digital transformation, education, and gender equality.

Our focus on responsible investment is fundamental to our objectives. It is our belief that Environmental, Social, and Governance (ESG) disciplines must be built in to our investment decision making if we are to create a positive impact in our chosen areas of investment.


Our experience in

the discipline of ESG includes a broad set of metrics, namely

Environmental and Social Screening

Environmental and Social Due Diligence

Environmental and Social Impact Assessments

Risk Assessment and Environmental and Social Management Systems

Structural and functional aspects of Governance in an organization

The Black Star Africa investment philosophy aims to bring about systemic change, making the business case for corporate sustainability. We focus on areas of under-performance in the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals, and attempt to develop better frameworks for thinking about these issues, and design better analytical tools for making the business case for them.